What It Takes to Come Alive…

Yes, the title of this post is from the Rihanna song.  Sing it!

Today, I did two of my favorite things: meditating and surfing.  Even though one of them is externally very active and the other appears to be very still, the two have a shared flavor for me.  Both of them are a way to connect with a larger, moving, current of life.  In surfing, you have to tune into the rhythm and speed of the waves.  There is technical skill involved in getting  it right, but a lot of it is just connecting with the ocean and the moment.  When you get it right and harmonize with a waves, you fall into synch with this larger power and allow yourself to become part of its force.  I love watching really good surfers and seeing how quickly and naturally they drop into waves.  It hits me someplace deep in my heart and I feel a deep love for life and the total fucking amazingness of it.

Meditating is similar.  Most of the times, are minds are so full of chatter that we don’t drop down into the larger feeling of just being alive.  When you meditate, you pause for a bit and clear away enough room to connect with what it feels like to be…breathing…right now…right here….Sometimes when I meditate I notice myself pulling away from the experience.  That pulling away takes many forms:  I am bored.  I am not doing this right.  What time is it?  Hmm, I should be feeling “more.”  I have realized that the way to get back to the moment is not to push those feelings away.  Instead, I have to accept all of those and bring them into the meditative experience by saying yes to them.  I have to say, yup, that is part of being alive too.  Yes, this anxiety I feel, or restlessness is exactly what is going on with me right now.  You keep on widening and widening yourself to keep on accepting ANYTHING that comes up.  And after a while, you are surfing the moment, in synch with whatever arises and just feeling the power behind it.  The deep, insistent power of breath, and aliveness, and you realize that the initial anxiety has turned into kind of a thrill.

There are many ways to connect with this power of being alive…like singing along to Rihanna in your car for the hell of it.  Whatever it is, let that energy rip through you!  What it takes to come alive….Let me know in the comments what brings you alive.



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5 thoughts on “What It Takes to Come Alive…

  1. jovan says:

    I love your blog!!!! You totally inspire me.

    My passion is production and editing, I feel like a wizard, creating something from nothing and the steps/process energize me to the point where I feel like I can fly. I’m glad you turned me on to this. Dont stop!

    • threedeelife says:

      Awesome Jovan! You inspire me! In fact, I want to write my next post about our chat, if you dont mind… 🙂 Is your last name Jovan Dajkovich?

    • Kassi says:

      I eat oatmeal or have a protein shake for breakfast. In the shake I use 1 cup low-calorie coconut milk, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 banana, cinnamon (anoi-txidants), and chia seeds (omega 3s). The protein makes it actually last a little longer so I’m not hungry 1 hour later like I am with cereal, and the shake is far more healthy than a protein bar. My husband usually has yogurt & fruit or the protein shake.

    • Nice post. I study something on different blogs everyday. It can always be stimulating to read content from different writers and follow a bit of something from their blog.

  2. Jason says:

    Haha. This song is my jam for this very reason.

    What it takes to come aliiiiiive. Because the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny!!!!!!!

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