He got a hair cut.

He smells the same.

The table is huge.

The table is small.

I feel empty.

I am strong.

Lord, I don’t want to cry.


I could just-

reach across and take his hand.

A tiny, impossible act,

To cross a past a million miles away,

That all happened yesterday.

How strange, the choices we made.


I feel close.

He is so far.

I know him exactly.

I knew him exactly.

Now, I have no idea if he is okay.

I am lost in the future, long, divergent.

Nothing exists outside of this moment.

I will remember this always.

What will I recall?


I could change it all with one word.

A word I will never, ever say again.

Could we have predicted this?

It could never have been any other way.

And that is the truth,

Its seeds buried since that first hello.



Finally.  It resolves.

There is nothing else,

But goodnight.

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2 thoughts on “reunion

  1. doha says:

    Really beautiful and touching. I like the dichotomy of it all.

    • threedeelife says:

      Thanks…that is what I was trying to capture. That feeling of something being this AND that, an experience that can not be reduced. But that might have a few grounding points.

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