remembering how to fly

i give you
every breath
into full exhale
but still you call
and my lungs
only go so far

i know this dream
this is the one
where i want to run but
am stuck, and
maddened by memories
of how it feels
to fly

i no longer try

and just say yes
and yes again
and allow
my warm breath
to freely follow
your perfect rise and fall, rise
and fall, until my small orpheus-self

and then
i effortlessly join you
in the land of the living

oh beauty
who can i love you to
if there is no one else
where can i go
when i have nowhere
to stand

you tell me
i must surrender
i must endlessly explode
pulse with the flame
that lights the candle
move with the wave
that pushes the sea

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6 thoughts on “remembering how to fly

  1. Jane says:

    absolutely beautiful! And gives me the idea of sharing some of my own poetry on my blog. Thanks for starting my day in this lovely way

  2. Eric says:

    I have often have a repeating dream where I am flying, but this poem describes it perfectly.
    thank you for giving it shape outside of my mind’s nightscape…

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