And here she is, All Around You, Now

This is how you speak to me

In the wind pushing
Gusts of garbage
Against my legs

In the nurse yelling
At her boyfriend
On the street
Like she always does

In the sad opening
Of my heart
As I hurry to a home
That is not mine

The discarded beer bottle
Nameless, resonates
With as much weight
As the majestic tree
I offer my life to them both

As the light fades
I find myself alone
As I have always been
Calling my own name


5 thoughts on “And here she is, All Around You, Now

    • Mitchell says:

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  1. jeffreyleez says:

    Wow! Beautiful, insightful, sensitive, painful and hmmm… tinged with innocence.

  2. Jolyn says:

    intamplator Posted on dl maior spune numai ceea ce se poate spune;sa rememoram niste nume? militaru,vasile ionel,lupoi… and last ,but not the least iliescu?si astea sunt de notorietate publicasa ne mai uitam un pic si prin curtea liberala?sa reamintim un pic “aportul”anumitor europarlamentari psd romani la discutia cu scutul din pe?vizitele lui geoana la moscova,ramase inca nelamuriteinterventiile lui cguse pe la tesecrisrv&coetc..etu..etc..

  3. happy labor day to you! I hope you’ve recovered from the storm! Lulu singing To Sir with Love is one of my all time favorite movie moments, and Ali McGraw in Love Story? Too good. Enjoy the day!

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