What is this Blog?

This is a blog about spirituality and daily life.   It brings together the mundane and the transcendent, the body and the spirit, the high and the low.

The marriage of these two poles is very important to me because my own spiritual journey for the first 30 years of my life was just the “high”–books, idea, dreams, short bursts of activity.  At the beginning of 2010, I decided I needed to pick a spiritual path and start walking it.  All paths may lead to the top of the mountain, but you are never going to get anywhere if you don’t choose one and actually follow it to its end.

I ended up choosing Buddhism.  It turned out to be the perfect complementary path for me–practical, grounded, almost entirely rooted in experience, breath, and body.  Since then, I have added Tantra as another primary spiritual outlet for me.  Funny enough, I later discovered that the type of Buddhism I practice (Shambhala) is a tantric buddhism, and the two paths are really one.  Their core teaching is learning to joyfully surrender to life exactly as it is.

So this blog is just that: a chronicle of me learning to surrender to life with joy, to treat it as my teacher, to break my heart open with its pain, to marvel in its mysteries.

Peace and love,


PS.  I wrote the above probably over a year ago.  Now it is May 2013.  My tender surprised revelation of the direction my spirituality brought me has now fully sunk in.  It is obvious that my path is embodied spirituality–whatever form it might take.  And it also seems obvious that my feel for what embodied spirituality actually is has matured.  It is something to get me into my body. Something that won’t let me escape.  Something that grabs me by the gut and asks me to show up as the full person that I am–body, heart, and soul.  Is it all peace and love?  Yes.  But not so fast.  The theme of this blog: daily life and spirituality is all about finding that peace and love THROUGH the shit and tears and pain and orgasms of this human existence, not in spite of it.  That resonating authenticity, the moment when me and you and life fully meet, is what I am after.






4 thoughts on “What is this Blog?

  1. Jen Klarfeld says:

    Hello Nicole:
    You invited me over, and I am just now coming round & catching up with your tender heart through your writing! I am grateful. Read some from your recent entries and back to your blogs origins, and I thoroughly enjoy all of your grounded true insights & real modern humanity.

    So grateful you walked into my life, in Santa Fe last summer, a living friendship gift for my late August birthday. I look forward to sharing you with many!

    You are a feeler to the core, anchoring in a brilliant, beautiful, successful, inspiration. I look forward to your first book!

    PS. I highly recommend “Soulshaping” by Jeff Brown, an awakened Lawyer turned soul activist & spiritual author, friend, whom I met through social networking & reading his amazing book.

    • Lexine says:

      OK. You are not gay, obviously. And I think you walking down the street, sensitive gay-dar would not be actteaivd.But, you walking down those street with those sunglasses? Still no gay-dar going off but people will think, “Wow. That guy is sooo in touch with his feminine side. Good for him!”You also might get smacked in the ass. I’m just sayin’.

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  2. Jane says:

    I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. 🙂 You can check it out here: http://notinindia2012.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/super-sweet-blogging-award-how-delicious/ Feel free to not accept if you so choose, but wanted others to find their way to your lovely blog and this is always a good way of doing this.
    much love light and JOY

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